Mindfulness and Clear Thinking

Most of us spend our lives lost in thought, often replaying the same worries over and over again, without resolution. As a result we may become anxious, overwhelmed, and perhaps mentally unwell. Our health and relationships suffer as we become stuck, simply surviving and not thriving. Or maybe we feel fine and are simply curious about how we can use our minds more skilfully and harness its true potential, and how we can then help others who are struggling.

For us mindfulness is only the starting point for our journey together as we also need to know how to use our minds with the skill necessary to truly transform our lives. During our six week course we will explore and practice mindfulness and then share some compelling ideas that explain how we come to be who we are, how our feelings are generated within our minds and bodies, how to build strong relationships, and how we can learn to healthily solve all of life’s problems.

Using this knowledge over time you will become more and more able to:

  • focus your mind upon what really matters,
  • understand and respond healthily to your feelings,
  • feel confident and at ease with yourself,
  • understand why other people behave the way that they do,
  • fill your life, and the lives of those around you, with compassion

Devizes – Starting 3rd May 2017

Our next six week course will be starting on Wednesday 3rd May at the Friends Meeting House, Devizes. This is a wonderfully tranquil space in which to explore mindfulness and discover how to live a considered life. We will meet each week at 6pm ready to have a quiet start at 6:15 and finish just before 7:30.  The cost will be £55. Use the contact form below to book your place, or to find out more. Or give Richard or Penny a call.

To book your place, or if you wish to know more, please get in touch!

“It will open your mind to a better you, and a better future. The best course I have been on”