Mindfulness and Clear Thinking

Most of us spend our lives lost in thought, often replaying the same worries over and over again, without resolution. As a result we may become anxious, overwhelmed, and perhaps mentally unwell. Our health and relationships suffer as we become stuck, simply surviving and not thriving. Or maybe we feel fine and are simply curious about how we can use our minds more skilfully and harness its true potential, and how we can then help others who are struggling.

For us mindfulness is only the starting point for our journey together as we also need to know how to use our minds with the skill necessary to truly transform our lives. During our six week course we will explore and practice mindfulness and then share some compelling ideas that explain how we come to be who we are, how our feelings are generated within our minds and bodies, how to build strong relationships, and how we can learn to healthily solve life’s problems.

Using this knowledge over time you will become more and more able to:

  • focus your mind upon what really matters,
  • understand and respond healthily to your feelings,
  • feel confident and at ease with yourself,
  • understand why other people behave the way that they do,
  • fill your life, and the lives of those around you, with compassion

One Day Workshop

Please contact us to reserve your space on a future workshop.

Come and discover the ideas we use during our six week course in this one day workshop. With this knowledge you can have the power to bring about a profound shift in the quality of your thinking, and of your life.   During the day you will gain a deep understanding of how your personal relationship with the world around you drives how you feel and act. Together, we will then explore how you can skilfully harness your mind to think and act in a way that will help you to live the best possible life that you can. 

This workshop provides an enjoyable and thorough introduction to many of the MindAble ideas, it is also a great way to refresh and update the ideas if you have been on a course before.

Programme for the day will be something like this:

9.30am Gathering ready to start at 10am

10.00am How we create wonderful relationships, followed by guided mindfulness

11.00am Understanding mindfulness and its power, followed by some time in gentle mindful movement

11.30am Feelings and how they are linked to the quality of our relationships, followed by guided mindfulness

12.30pm Break with light vegetarian snacks

1.00pm Skilful thinking and how our ideas determine the quality of our lives, followed by mindful movement

2.00pm Living a compassionate life and how this changes everything, followed by a shared mindfulness experience

3.00pm Close

Here are a few words from our most recent participants:

“The course is very cleverly constructed so that the benefits of the MindAble methodology begin to be revealed straight away. The method uses traditional mindfulness techniques and does include a little meditation, but it covers far more than that. It is presented in a very logical manner with easy to grasp examples from day to day life and opportunities to discuss the content and ideas to ensure you’ve grasped it. It is also very much backed up by science, which greatly appealed to me – none of it, I hasten to add, is too technical, but Richard and Penny ensure that they spend sufficient time describing each component so that everyone can follow. (I went along with my father in law who had a stroke 12 months ago and suffers from dementia and he was able to follow it!)

“The series of talks builds over the length of the course and time is spent at the beginning of each going over the previously covered content so that by the end, the whole method fits together.

“I thoroughly enjoyed it, found it fascinating, rewarding and absolutely brilliant as an approach or set of tools to deal with life’s challenges in better ways. Having been exposed to CBT, I find it in a different league!

“Many thanks again to you both, it really was superb!”     

“For 6 weeks I made a 3.5 hr round trip to attend the MindAble evening workshops.  I learnt a profound yet simple, life-enhancing approach to help guide me through life’s encounters.  I gained many really valuable insights and I liked the format with each week building on the last and time in between to digest and practice. It was definitely worth the effort -and was fantastic value for money.”     

To book your place, or if you wish to know more, please get in touch!

“It will open your mind to a better you, and a better future. The best course I have been on”