One To One Sessions

Richard and Penny both offer one to one sessions for anyone suffering from most forms of mental distress. Please contact either of us if you wish to discuss your own situation.

Our approach is to support people in the discovery of how to live more effectively into the future, and not about the past. The past has shaped who we are, but the future does not need to be predetermined because of this. Of course it is helpful to have an appreciation of how we have arrived at our present condition, but rehearsing our experiences, judging ourselves and others poorly, and continuing with our same patterns of behaviour will, most likely, bring about more of the same. Once we can let go of our less helpful conditioning from the past, we can start to create exciting new possibilities for our future, we take control.

So, this approach, is about understanding how our minds work, how we come to experience emotions and feelings the way we do, and how we create our habitual patterns of behaviour in response to our particular life circumstances. From this understanding we can learn and practice new skills to enable us to more healthily satisfy our instinctive survival needs.

With a little support, you can quickly recover from depression, anxiety, misuse of anger, relationship difficulties (including parenting), phobias, PTSD and more.

You can discover ways in which to take very effective control of your life so that you can become as fulfilled as is possible.

If you wish to know more, please get in touch: