Our approach to mindfulness and clear thinking draws together many areas of ancient and current wisdom into a simple framework that anybody can use to bring about positive and permanent change in their lives, we call it the MindAble Method. Our focus is to help you gain a deep understanding of why you feel the way you do, how you can use your mind far more effectively to solve the problems that life brings, and how you can build the healthy relationships that are essential for a fulfilling life. Using this knowledge you can transform your life from simply surviving, to thriving, often very quickly indeed.

Penny Fuller

Penny Fuller

Richard Rowland


Our one to one sessions can help you to apply this knowledge in the context of your own life. We can offer sessions to individuals, couples, families or workplaces.

Please contact either Penny Fuller or Richard Rowland to discuss what we can offer, or arrange an appointment.


We have developed an effective and practical approach to mindfulness which we have called MindAble Mindfulness and Clear Thinking and we run courses from time to time within Wiltshire. Taking part in one of these five or six week programmes will enable you to start to take healthy control of your mind and find the peace, clear thinking, and great relationships that are all within easy grasp when we know how.